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Enabling Technology & Licensing Expertise

Zenith Electronics LLC a leading U.S. technology development and licensing company. A wholly owned subsidiary of global innovator LG Electronics since 1999, today’s Zenith is LG’s U.S. research subsidiary for consumer electronics, hospitality and health care technologies, broadcasting standards and related technologies.

Pro:IdiomZenith Electronic LLC created Pro:Idiom, an encryption technology widely used in the hospitality industry for the delivery of digital television signals. Licensing of the technology is administered by Zenith Electronics LLC and qualified companies may enter into an agreement with Zenith including a royalty free license to practice the technology.

Zenith’s Heritage

Synonymous with quality and innovation since 1918

Beginning with the advent of radio, the legendary Zenith name has been synonymous with quality and innovation since 1918. Pioneers in electronics technology for over 100 years, Zenith inventors have made countless industry-leading developments, including the first wireless TV remote controls, the first portable and push-button radios, the first stereo audio systems for FM radio and television, and the first terrestrial broadcast system for HDTV using digital technology.