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Pro:Idiom is an encryption technology widely used in the hospitality industry for the delivery of digital television signals. Licensing of the technology is administered by Zenith Electronics LLC and qualified companies may enter into an agreement with Zenith including a royalty free license to practice the technology.

How Pro:Idiom Works

Pro:Idiom Evaluation NDA

To allow companies to determine their interest in becoming a Pro:Idiom Adopter, Zenith will make available any evaluation version of the Pro:Idiom Specification and other confidential information for evaluation by the company pursuant to a nondisclosure agreement (“NDA”). The confidential information disclosed by Zenith may be used for 90 days, but only for internal evaluation of the Pro:Idiom Technology. If a Pro:Idiom Adopter Agreement is not executed with Zenith within the 90-day evaluation period, all disclosed confidential information must be returned to Zenith.

Pro:Idiom Adopter Agreements

There are three types of Pro:Idiom Adopter Agreements which may be appropriate for a given company: a Manufacturer Agreement and/or a System Provider Agreement and a Content Provider Agreement. These agreements provide rights to use and manufacture products as well as a license to use the Pro:Idiom trademark

The System Provider and Manufacturer agreements include a $5,000 USD one-time technology access fee and a $1,500 annual fee (to cover Zenith administrative costs). The agreements include obligations to maintain the confidentiality of the Pro:Idiom technology and to conform products to a set of Compliance Rules and a set of Robustness Rules.

The Manufacturer Agreement provides the potential Adopter a license to manufacture Pro:Idiom products. Products containing a sink functionality (such as a television or set top box) may be sold generally, while products incorporating a source function (such as headend encryption devices) may only be sold to other Pro:Idiom Adopters.

The System Provider Agreement provides the potential Adopter a license to purchase and use Pro:Idiom source functions, but not to make Pro:Idiom products.

The Content Provider Agreement is available to content providers to use and cause the use of Pro:Idiom.