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Zenith Milestones:

Legacy of Innovation and Leadership

1918        Chicago Radio Laboratory formed

1923         Zenith Radio Corporation founded

1924         First portable radio

1925         First AC-powered radios

1927         First push-button radios

1939         First all-electric television station

1947         First subscription television system – PhoneVision

1950         First wired TV remote control – Lazy Bones

1954         First 21-inch rectangular color picture tube

1955         First wireless TV remote control – Flash-Matic

1956         First practical wireless TV remote control – Space Command

1961         FCC adopts Zenith FM stereo radio standard

1969         First black matrix color picture tube – Chromacolor

1976         First extended field lens (EFL) electron gun

1984         FCC adopts Zenith/dbx MTS stereo TV sound standard

1986         Zenith receives Emmy award for MTS development

1987         First flat-screen high-resolution color picture tube

1988         First practical, partially digital simulcast HDTV system

1991         First TV sets with built-in closed caption decoders

1994         First TV sets featuring on-screen electronic program guide

1995         First trackball-operated TV remote

1996         FCC adopts Zenith digital TV transmission standard

1997         Zenith receives Emmy awards for HDTV and remote control

1997         First HDTV-capable projection monitor – PRO900X

1998         First “talking” VCR – SpeakEZ

1999          Zenith becomes LG Electronics subsidiary

2000        First 60-inch HDTV plasma display demonstrated

2001         Zenith receives Emmy award for flat-screen CRT technology

2002         First affordable integrated HDTVs

2004          Zenith invents Pro:Idiom digital rights management system

2007           Zenith converter boxes certified by Commerce Department

2009          Zenith-developed mobile DTV standard adopted by ATSC

2011          Zenith, LG and PBS develop mobile emergency alert system

2013          M-EAS adopted as part of U.S. broadcast standard